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Body Corporate Project Management Services

What we do:

We plan and manage a project to successfully complete its listed goals and deliverables through all stages in the lifecycle of the project, from its inception to rollout and phasing out.
Each phase of the project is an essential part of the overall success of the project and must involve careful planning and initiation.
Every stage must have defined milestones and when these milestones are reached, they let you know that you are on track to project completion.

Delivering projects with confidence:

Whatever the goal at hand, bringing in a dedicated and qualified project management professional offers clients many advantages, Dimensions Plus are ready to take on any size and complex projects.

Dimensions Plus works with stakeholders, providing talented project managers who support projects throughout the whole lifecycle.

We offer strategic advice, always taking time to relate the work at hand to clients. Where can efficiencies and savings be produced for stakeholders across the whole project.

We lead and control operations. Our role is to ensure that projects are completed on time and to budget. Dimensions Plus have the benefit of employees who have worked for many years in large construction organizations and understand the economic, legal, technical and management skills necessary to fulfil this role.

Our project manager will work in conjunction with the client in identifying project objectives, establishing and setting financial targets, and assisting with the selection of painting companies’ and consultant specialists.

We understand that the key to achieving the clients’ aspirations will be the proper co-ordination and control of planning, estimating, contracting and painting throughout the process.

Our service inclusions:

  • Accurate scoping and specification of works for client.
  • Liaising with body corporate committee members and colleagues.
  • Specifications from a paint manufacture for all projects.
  • Coordination and direction of contractors.
  • Independent tender evaluation using a weighted criterion.
  • Provide a tender review report for all committee members to review to help make an informed decision on the most suitable painting contractor.
  • Managing programme and quality control from inception to handover.
  • Establish appropriate channels of communication between stakeholders and project team.
  • Develop co-ordinate report scheme.
  • Professional and easy to understand reports
  • Defects completion report
  • Procurement and invitation to tender of up to 5 painting contractors
  • Handover completion report to body corporate.

Dimensions Plus have worked with many painting contractors, and will have no problem finding the most suitable for your specific project.

The management team have extensive knowledge and expertise in all areas of painting and decorating to body corporate, refurbishment, restoration and new construction projects specializing in advising and guiding clients through the process of completing successful projects.

We offer an independent, professional and unbiased review of the tendered quotes, (transparency and honesty is of the utmost importance to us).

Our cost consultant (quantity surveyor’s) primary objective is to provide exceptional value for money.
We provide detailed, productive cost advise and full cost control at all stages of your project from inception to completion.

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Project Management


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